What role will technology play in sustaining cities of the future?

What role will technology play in sustaining cities of the future?

Technology for lighting, building, energy, transportation, commnications, water, food, infrastructure – all of these – will be required to build and sustain the city of the future.

World population is expected to reach 9.8 billion by 2025. Nearly 70 percent of this booming population—6.7 billion people— is projected to live in urban areas. In China builders are already looking to blockchain and IoT technology to support its Smart Cities. Recent developments indicate that the government of Yangpu – a district in the major Chinese city of Shanghai, has initiated an agreement with the MXC Foundation to drive the creation of an IoT-based Smart City.

The MXC Foundation is a Germany-based non-profit organized to connect Low Power Wide Access Network (LPWAN) technology with the blockchain.

National Geographic asked experts how they would design a city of the future, educated by lessons of the past and anticipating challenges of the future. Their vision is articulated on five scales in the a detailed infographic, from surrounding ecosystems to building interiors, following a core set of design principles.

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