Now In its 10th year, The Next Silicon Valley celebrates and promotes the people, places, ideas, companies, and events that drive and connect the global innovation economy.

Thenextsiliconvalley.com website publishes news, trends, and in-depth reporting about entrepreneurs, emerging centers of innovation, startups and all aspects of global innovation.

The goal is to identify technology hot spots and technology trends as they emerge, and to publicize these developments for interested readers everywhere through online content, news, newsletters, and social media channels.

The Next Silicon Valley is an independent, industry-specific, media agent. We create and promote content that informs readers and generates significant audience engagement. Our targets reader audience is comprised of influential technology professional. We reach them via website visits, newsletter subscriptions, listings on GoogleNews network, social media groups, and dedicated channels on Medium, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.
Geographically and place-wise, The Next Silicon Valley was never meant to indicate any actual location. Rather, it recognizes the virtual network – global and connected – that has evolved to connect all of of the aforementioned people, ideas, startups, places, and ecosystems that comprise today’s 21st century global innovation economy.
The key to success in the world of technology innovation turns on one thing: the ability of any tech destination, anywhere, to nurture, attract and retain the business and technology talent – and assets – needed to compete in the tech business at the regional, national, or global level.
To this end, The Next Silicon Valley landscape includes emerging tech regions, tech entrepreneurs, startup companies, maker spaces, accelerators, venture capital investors, and tech-related economic development events.

Our audience comprises influential decision makers at every level of private business, investment, government, industry and academic stakeholders in the 21st century knowledge economy. Our visitors are engaged with startup technology companies, science and technology parks, technology institutes and networks, university/R&D centers, innovation/startup hubs, technology clusters, invest-in agencies, venture capitalists and other funding sources. The Next Silicon Valley Newsletter has over 5,000 opt-in subscribers and we have readers in over 100 countries around the world.

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