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What is The Next Silicon Valley?

The Next Silicon Valley is an advocate for knowledge-based, smart growth in new, old, and developing communities – everywhere. Our focus is on the people, talent, enterprises, organizations, investment, innovation, and smart development processes needed to bring these elements together to create more economically prosperous, socially equitable, and environmentally sustainable places to work, live and play.

For nearly ten years The Next Silicon Valley has been a staunch advocate, and engaged agent for, global-oriented knowledge-based economic development. Central to this role, The Next Silicon Valley website was created with the intent to be an online, global information resource, and intermediary network, between tech industry entities of all kinds, and community stakeholders at all levels wanting to follow in the footsteps of Silicon Valley, thus initiating an economic transition and cultural transformation from static growth models of the past to dynamic, knowledge-based industry and and community models of the future.

Underlying these transformations are a host of regional and local investment activity, policy discussions, workforce, talent, training, recruitment, and retention issues; not to mention local government and community concerns about changing demographics, the allocation and development of public assets and infrastructure, and understanding and navigating real and potential effects of social change and community displacement. These are the universal issues that attend the creation of smart regions, smart cities, and innovation ecosystems no matter where the seeds of the Next Silicon Valley are planted.

Why the need?

Smart communities everywhere are working to identify and nurture physical, human and capital resources – the sources of competitive advantage – in order to compete locally, regionally, and globally in an ever increasing knowkedge-based economy.

From a government, local, and regional perspective, location always matters. The Silicon Valley USA we know today, sprawling across the wide peninsula south of San Francisco didn’t just happen. It emerged slowly, and fitfully, over many year. it  began in a rural area once known for fruit orchards, farms, and flower gardens.

Careful, conscious planning and public/private policy making over many years led by smart business people, the academic community, entrepreneurs, investors, talented scientists and engineers, as well as local, state and federal government created the ideal economic, social networking, investment, legal and technology development conditions that eventually sparked the Big Bang explosion of talent, product innovation, company formation, and disruptive technologies behind today’s ever-expanding universe of technology-based everything.

There will never be another Silicon Valley, but the history, core principles, and working experience of this mother-of-all technology hubs has informed the establishment of every smart, sustainable, technology enterprise, innovation ecosystem, tech incubator and business accelerators, in scores of countries, hundreds of cities – and countless main street’s – the world over.

Supporting early stage tech business development and creating smart, lean, sustainable centers of innovation has proved to be the secret sauce in creating and sustaining knowledge-based economic growth and development.

Geographical location – place – and destination will continue to be of paramount importance to companies and investors around the world. Yes, in high technology investment, all roads still lead to Menlo Park’s Sand Hill Road, the venture capital capitol of the world. But now, the innovation and technology development engine that was Silicon Valley has been democratically dispersed throughout the world. ‘The Next Silicon Valley’ is now an informal global network of locations, regions, places, and destinations, all connected by a common objective – attract and nurture the talent, enterprises, and people that create the future, and make better communities today – for everyone.


Who is the audience?

Our audience comprises private business, investment, government, industry and academic stakeholders in the 21st century knowledge economy. Our visitors are engaged with startup technology companies, science and technology parks, technology institutes and networks, university/R&D centers, innovation/startup hubs, technology clusters, invest-in agencies, venture capitalists and other funding sources.

How do we reach your target audience?

We provide a multichannel medium for business, government, trade,  investment, economic development, strategic planning, investment and community leaders seeking to generate successful local, and global business opportunities in all technology sectors.

We also sponsor and co-promote economic development-based conferences and industry symposia.

Content focus

  • Location
  • Technology news
  • Talent news
  • Policy news
  • Funding news


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