About The Next Silicon Valley

Launched in 2009, The Next Silicon Valley publishes news articles and commentary about the people, ideas, startups, places and tech ecosystems that comprise the 21st century innovation economy.

We discover, celebrate and connect Silicon Valley’s growing list of rivals in countries, states, regions, and cities around the world. Their stories are posted and indexed at www.thenextsiliconvalley.com

It’s not a place

As careful observers we have tracked the innovation engine that is Silicon Valley and traced the dispersal of tech development DNA throughout the world. The Next Silicon Valley is not any specific location, but rather, a virtual network – global and connected –  of people, ideas, startups, places and tech ecosystems with a common objective: attract and nurture the talent, enterprises, people and businesses that create the future, and make better communities today – for everyone.

We cover emerging tech regions, startup companies, maker spaces, accelerators, venture capital investors, and tech-related economic development events.

Discover. Celebrate. Promote.

On these pages you will discover and celebrate leaders of the new innovation economy from all over the world, many at the cutting edge of the tech revolution. The Next Silicon Valley has been is a trusted brand known in innovation centers around the world for 10 years.

As an independent, industry-specific publisher we promote selected tech regions through The Next Silicon Valley media platform, which includes multiple social media channels.

As independent marketing agents we also provide highly targeted business attraction marketing, and promotion services to clients worldwide. These include creation of materials and content-based advertising services targeted at promoting regional attractiveness and competitiveness. Our marketing capabilities include: strategic message creation, content and audience development, social media marketing, and targeted social marketing/advertising services for targeted audience development and engagement.

Who is the audience?

Our audience comprises influential decision makers at every level of private business, investment, government, industry and academic stakeholders in the 21st century knowledge economy. Our visitors are engaged with startup technology companies, science and technology parks, technology institutes and networks, university/R&D centers, innovation/startup hubs, technology clusters, invest-in agencies, venture capitalists and other funding sources. The Next Silicon Valley Newsletter has over 5,000 opt-in subscribers and we have readers in over 100 countries around the world.


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