About The Next Silicon Valley

What is The Next Silicon Valley?

The Next Silicon Valley is an advocate for developing regions. We provide strategic information and development opportunities to companies entering and expanding into emerging markets.

Why the need?

Geographical location – place – and destination will continue to be of paramount importance to companies and investors around the world. Yes, all roads still lead to Menlo Park’s Sand Hill Road, the venture capital capitol of the world. But now, the innovation and technology development engine that was Silicon Valley has been democratically dispersed throughout the world. ‘The Next Silicon Valley’ is now an informal global network of locations, regions, places, and destinations, all connected by a common objective – attract and nurture technology based economic development.

In the post Brexit/Trump, the adage ‘technology disrupts, and it disrupts absolutely’ is appropriate. In other words, what’s been done in recent years can’t be easily undone. This maxim is behind the rebirth of Detroit and its challenge to Silicon Valley as the leading technology hub in the United States. The Ford Motor Company has described itself as a ‘mobility company’, one that sees the car evolving from being the ultimate industrial product and ultimate consumer product to the ultimate technology product.

Similar transformation and rebirths are happening within cities, regions, places, locations, destinations – and enterprise around the world. Everyone is trying to identify and nurture available local resources, and sources of competitive advantage, in order to compete to ply on the global stage of technology-based economic development.

But discovering those new destinations can be a challenge. And regions are keen to talk about what makes their location attractive.

How do we reach your target audience?

We provide a multichannel medium for government trade and investment agencies, economic development agencies, technology organizations, strategic advisors, and corporate investors seeking to generate successful global business opportunities.

We provide information about global innovation and technology-based economic development communities.

We also sponsor and co-promote conferences and industry symposia.

Who is the audience?

Our audience comprises private business, investment, government, industry and academic stakeholders in the 21st century knowledge economy. Our visitors are engaged with startup technology companies, science and technology parks, technology institutes and networks, university/R&D centers, innovation/startup hubs, technology clusters, invest-in agencies, venture capitalists and other funding sources.

Content focus

  • Location
  • Technology news
  • Talent news
  • Policy news
  • Funding news


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