IBM’s AI Hot Spot: Tech Valley New York

IBM’s AI Hot Spot: Tech Valley New York

Tech Valley is the next Artificial Intelligence Hot Spot, a designation that follows recent reports that IBM Research will build a cutting-edge technology center for AI hardware in New York’s Capital Region.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced the news, noting that IBM, a long-time anchor tenant at the SUNY Polytechnic Institute campus in Albany, will invest over $2 billion to establish its new research center.

The agreement is especially significant because in addition to advancing software development it will also give a much needed boost to New York’s semiconductor industry sector.

According to Steve Ghanayem, Senior Vice President of New Markets and Alliances at Applied Materials, the new center will spur new materials engineering breakthroughs that will to help accelerate development of AI technology. AI will drive innovation in chip making materials and methods, Ghanayem observed.

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan said that IBM’s groundbreaking investment “affirms SUNY Poly’s status as one of the country’s premier research and development institutions,” adding the new AI Hardware Center is a welcome addition to Albany’s growing technology sector and New York’s Tech Valley.

The new facility will perform AI-focused computer chip research, development, prototyping, testing and simulation. Once established, the IBM Research AI Hardware Center will serve as the core of a new network of research and commercial partners. it also positions Tech Valley at the cutting edge of major advances in fields such as Advancing AI, Scaling AI, and Trusting AI.

IBM has a long history in New York making great advance in computer science and technology, especially in semiconductor R&D. Its also a leader in semiconductor design and high performance computer development. It has been producing hardware and software in the Hudson River Valley for more than 50 years.

The computer makers R&D nexus is in Westchester County’s Yorktown heights. It is the largest industrial research organization in the world and operates twelve independent labs on six continents. This includes research centers in Albany, New York and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

T.J. Watson and IBM Research scientists around the globe are pioneering scientific breakthroughs across today’s most promising and disruptive technologies including the future of artificial intelligence, blockchain and quantum computing.

The IBM AI Hardware Center will attract new AI industry companies and federal research to the state, while fostering economic development and working to create several hundred new jobs and retain hundreds of other existing jobs at the SUNY Poly campus and at IBM’s and its collaborators’ facilities according to a MarketWatch’s press release.

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