What’s going down in Silicon Valley?

What’s going down in Silicon Valley?

What’s going down in Silicon Valley? The headlines tell a big part of part of the story, but only one part. How complete and accurate a picture one gets about the social justice uprisings, and the ‘Big Tech’ rumblings out there, depends upon how far one is from Highway 101.

The tortured soul searching and social earth-scorching now unleashed in the domain of Big Tech is quite a departure from the quiet decorum that resides up on Sand Hill Road, just above the Stanford University campus. The air these days is full of nasty reprisals and social revenge, the kind that occur spontaneously in all post war conflicts.

My take?: This is an historic inflection point in the development of the modern innovation economy. Let’s call it ‘The Tech Spring,’ the time when the tech worker in America went shopping for a new deal, and not online, and not with an iPhone.

Signs the this is very serious business include the well-reported hardening of tech-worker outrage and the trash talking surge of tech-owners by the media.

One thing is clear: The Battle For Silicon Valley’s Soul has been joined by a new American labor voice: The Tech Worker.

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