Five companies chosen to operate Israel Innovation Authority tech labs

Five companies chosen to operate Israel Innovation Authority tech labs

As part of the Israel Innovation Authority program to encourage innovation, the authority has chosen five companies to operate technology innovation labs that will help tech entrepreneurs to help establish proof of concept in key areas of technology.

The labs will be funded by the authority for a period of three years and will support innovative projects in industrial internet of things (IIoT), smart infrastructure, smart urban mobility, advanced materials for next generation electronic devices, and development of raw materials for the food and beverage industry.

According to Israel’s Globes, during the three-year period, the innovation authority will assist in funding the establishment of the labs’ technology infrastructure for the benefit of entrepreneurs and their startups, with a budget of up to NIS 4 million (US$ 1.1m). The startups accepted to the labs will receive up to 85 percent of funding or NIS 1 million to establish their proof of concept.

The newspaper report says the program is aimed at entrepreneurs and startups with innovative ideas in the relevant verticals who are interested in getting a proof of concept and developing their idea into a product. The program also focuses on attracting leading multinational corporations interested in adopting open innovation and in supporting startups through the labs by making unique technology infrastructure accessible, especially that which is not currently available in Israel.

The companies chosen to operate the labs during the three-year pilot period are:

  1. The Ham-Let Group: its lab will be established in the Ziporit Industrial Area in northern Israel, and focus on innovative technologies in the industrial internet of things (IIoT).
  2. Shikun & Binui Holdings Ltd: Solel Boneh and Italian energy corporation ENEL will operate a lab in the Haifa Bay area, focusing on smart infrastructure in construction, transportation and energy.
  3. ASI (Automotive Service Israel): The Renault-Nissan Alliance will operate in the entrepreneurial complex in Tel Aviv’s Kiryat Atidim business center, focusing on smart urban mobility.
  4. PMatX: Merck Performance Materials and Flex will jointly operate a lab in the city of Yavne, focusing on advanced materials and on innovative production processes for next generation electronic devices.
  5. Frutarom Industries Ltd: will set up a lab in Haifa aimed at developing unique, functional raw materials for the food and beverage industries.

Speaking to Globes, Israel Innovation Authority CEO Aharon Aharon said, “The Israel Innovation Authority puts great emphasis on introducing innovation to manufacturing industry. We received 16 outstanding proposals, indicating a real need that the program addresses. The lab program will serve as a platform for connecting manufacturing industry with the culture of entrepreneurship and innovation for which Israel has become renowned. It will help give Israeli companies a competitive edge globally.”

The Ham-Let Group, chosen for the IIoT lab, says it has one of the most advanced production plants in Israel, with extensive investment in unique infrastructure and technology, making it fertile ground for entrepreneurs in the field of smart industry to examine new technologies and distribute them worldwide.

Amir Widmann, Ham-Let Group CEO said, “We’re proud to be chosen and excited to open our facilities to startup companies and entrepreneurs that focus on smart industry projects. Ham-Let supports many industries, which gives us an opportunity to test innovative products and offer them to our customers from various industries.”

“Ham-Let sees this project as an opportunity to incorporate smart and innovative technologies, expanding a variety of products, differentiating Ham-Let and expanding our market share. With the help of the IIoT and the lab’s developments, Ham-Let Group will implement advanced technologies, making the processes more efficient and even make investments.”

[Image: Ham-Let Group]

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