My audience or yours? The “on-demand audience” challenge

My audience or yours? The “on-demand audience” challenge


Facebook and LinkedIn do it.

Outbrain and Taboola do it.

AppleNews, Medium, Tumblr, Flipboard, and a million community content sites do it.

It’s called vertical publishing, the game-changing approach to traffic creation that uses social media engines –and dedicated platforms – to expose branded content to new, global reader audiences – on demand.

The messaging methodology promises, among other things, freedom and independence from the “owned audience” monopoly of traditional (read endangered) print and online media purveyors.

But, warns, Girish Mhatre, Principle Partner of Contentwalla, vertical publishing is fraught with challenge. Publishers (including self-styled corporate publishers and the roiling business-to-business (B2B) sector) have learned that when it comes to developing and creating your own audience, three classic challenges dog the determined:

  • traffic
  • getting new readers
  • getting them to come back

“Know this,” intones Mhatre, advice to the incautious: “Organic visibility is great, but not enough. The point is that you’ve got to actively drive new traffic — some of which you may buy — to your content.”

Today, thanks to ongoing disruption of the publishing industry, there are an ever-growing number of channels for going to market with content. Contentwalla’s is one such channel that generates both organic and paid traffic for clients in the cElectronics OEM (EOEM) space.eachesorlients

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