Taiwan: Blowin’ in the Wind?

Taiwan: Blowin’ in the Wind?

How many  ‘Silicon Shields’ will it take to save Taiwan – and the global semiconductor industry – from destruction?

The answer is blowing in the wind.

Citadel’s founder Ken Griffin warns the US economy will enter an immediate ‘great depression’ if China invades Taiwan and cuts off access to its semiconductor industry. He notes further: “The US is “playing with fire” as it balances a sensitive relationship between China and Taiwan.

Concerns have grown in recent weeks that China could be eyeing an invasion of Taiwan after Xi Jinping secured another term as president of China.”

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A world away, at Munich’s electronics2022, executives focused on the climate crisis, a more profitable path forward for the semiconductor industry, with no mention of potential economic calamities stirring ahead, let alone any mention of what’s blowing in the wind.
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