NY Power Authority to Integrate Lidar Tech, Drones for inspections

NY Power Authority to Integrate Lidar Tech, Drones for inspections
The drones will be used for vegetation management inspections along NYPA’s transmission lines. UAS, more commonly referred to as drones, have the potential to increase safety, lower cost, improve responsiveness and reduce the time to perform such inspections.
According to NYPA, “The application of drones equipped with LiDAR technology will enable utilities like ours to conduct inspections with increased safety and improved efficiency,” says Gil C. Quiniones, NYPA president and CEO. “This project not only moves the industry forward, but also plays a critical role in NYPA’s progress toward becoming the nation’s first end‑to‑end digital utility by digitizing inspection operations and collecting data with enhanced precision.”

NYPA owns and operates about one‑third of New York’s high‑voltage power lines. These lines transmit power from NYPA’s three large hydroelectric generation facilities and Independent wind power generation facilities, connecting nearly 7,000 mW of renewable energy to New York State’s power grid. This includes connecting more than 6,300 mW of hydroelectric power and about 700 mW, or more than a third, of New York State‑generated wind energy to the grid.

For more information, visit the NY Power Authority website.


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