Gamer Con to showcase Tech Valley’s video game development cluster

Gamer Con to showcase Tech Valley’s video game development cluster

The video games market is larger than the music and movie business combined. Now, thanks to a growing ecosystem of new gamer studios and software developers that are making New York’s Tech Valley home – and the upcoming, first-ever Hudson Valley Gamer Con – the video game industry cluster has become a thriving, potent force in the Capital Region’s Creative Economy.

In an effort to support an encourage the development of the games ecosystem the Regional Economic Development Council has awarded a $152,000 grant to help “bring the nation’s top collegiate gamers and software developers to the Capital Region,” an event that will “allow us to raise the national profile of our video game hub and attract the talent that our thriving video game studios need to succeed,” Doug McClaine, general manager of the Albany Capital Center noted in a news release.

The event, the largest northeast collegiate Esports event to-date in the Capital Region, is scheduled for March 30 and 31, 2019 at the Albany Capital Center.

Tech Valley’s video game cluster is said to include at least 14 studios that employ more than 350 workers. It also includes more than 285 software developers according to a February 2018 study by the Center for Economic Growth.

Officials said the money from the grant will help to solidify and fund the Capital Region as a gaming destination for collegiate-level gaming, and as a bona fide video game development cluster.

“The video game development cluster is something that has been organically growing here for more than two decades. Between the software development and artistic talent that comes out of our colleges and universities, the vast startup support infrastructure under Innovate 518, and our unmatched quality of life, this cluster has found fertile ground here and is thriving,” said CEG President and CEO Andrew Kennedy.

More information about Hudson Valley Gamer Con, including a link to buy tickets is available online at


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