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Monday 13 November 2017

Data driven city innovation, European capital of innovation, Asia Pacific leaders confident of global expansion, top 10 emerging technology trends in future cities

Cities are a theme this week – especially with news today that an investment firm led by Bill Gates is spending $80 million to build a new smart city near Phoenix, Arizona.

We have covered smart cities quite extensively in The Next Silicon Valley as part of our scope of looking at technology-based economic development. These include various country initiatives, such as India’s quest to build a 100 smart cites, the Yinchuan smart city in China, and the NEOM mega-city project in Saudi Arabia.

A new World Economic Forum report illustrates 20 stories of innovation in cities around the world that are making use of data to provide citizen benefits as part of their ‘smart city’ investments. We have an article that covers this.

At the Web Summit in Lisbon, Portugal, last week, Carlos Moedas, Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, for the European Commission announced Paris as the winner of the €1m European Capital of Innovation Prize, followed by Tallinn and Tel Aviv as runners up
Another topic that’s part of our remit is global expansion and inward investment. We highlight a survey among leaders of businesses in the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) region, which shows confidence in their global expansion plans despite global challenges related to trade policy and movement of labor and goods.

Finally, five futurologists around the world were asked what life would be like in 20 years as a result of technology – we look at the top 10 trends that they expect in future cities.

Nitin Dahad

The Next Silicon Valley



Paris wins €1m prize as most innovative European city in 2017
The European Commission has awarded the 2017 European Capital of Innovation (iCapital) prize of €1,000,000 to Paris. Tel Aviv and Tallinn were selected as runners-up, each awarded €100,000. Click here.

Data driven cities: 20 stories of innovation
A collection of 20 of the most creative ways cities worldwide are drawing on big data to improve services and quality of life, covering: people, economy, governance, infrastructure and the environment. Click here.

Asia Pacific businesses confident about global expansion in next three years
In the next year, a net 50 percent of businesses expect to increase their global investments, and 63 percent of all APEC CEOs expect their broader global footprint to expand over the next three years. Read more here.

Top 10 emerging trends for daily life in future cities in 20 years
A recent survey asked a group of futurologists to identify what technological developments they think would transform home and working life as part of future cities in 20 years. Read what they expect here.

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