Technology Trade & Investment Forum

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The Next Silicon Valley is a global advocate for emerging, technology regions.

The Technology Trade & Investment Forum publishes destination-oriented technology, trade and investment articles, news, commentary, and targeted client messages. Our target reader and engagement audience includes: government trade and investment offices; economic development agencies; technology organizations; strategic advisors; and corporate investors seeking to generate successful global business opportunities.

The Forum launches officially on March 31, 2017 and will present a global assessment of the post-Brexit/Trump technology trade and investment outlook for 2017, and beyond, through iinterviews, articles and white papers authored by leading technology and economic development experts throughout the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

This unique event leverages The Next Silicon Valley news website, newsletter, and a custom-built network of dedicated, branded, social media and social publishing platforms (including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Flipboard and Tumblr). Through high-visability, hyper-connected, ‘smart publishing’ and promotion channels – we deliver sponsored-content messages to a large, customized, targeted diverse audience of economic development professionals around the world.

Forum topics focus on strategic information on innovation, technology trends, economic development and foreign investment locations. The Forum is designed to connect sponsors and clients to technology-based economic development opportunities, and professionals, in these sectors.

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