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Morgan Stanley's Mary Meeker sees online ad boom


The Next Silicon ValleyMary Meeker, the Wall Street analyst who came under fire during the dot-com bust, is once again one of the top analysts influencing investors.


A managing director who leads Morgan Stanley's technology research, Meeker came up with 10 questions that Internet executives should ask themselves. She reeled off thoughts, statistics and predictions for the Internet industry during a presentation at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco this week.


Among the most eye-popping: a $50-billion online advertising boom. Meeker pointed out that people spend 28% of their time on the Internet but that only 13% of advertising is there.


She also said that Facebook has "one of most undermonetized classes of advertising on the web" and that "Twitter is in a similar situation."


Meeker predicted that in 2012, smart-phone shipments will overtake those of personal computers.  


You can download the presentation here as a PDF.

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