Talent news

Top US tech hubs based on startup leasing activity include Denver and Indianapolis

by Steffen Kammerer A challenging funding environment is making it harder for tech companies to rev their growth engine, especially inside ...
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National University of Singapore

Singapore makes moves to spur public sector innovation, build smart nation

The Government Technology Agency of Singapore (GovTech) has signed of a Memorandum of Intent (MOI) with the National University of ...
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Human Capital Report 2016: the global economy is failing 35% of the world’s talent

Skills and talent are an important part of the innovation ecosystem, so recent data suggesting that only 65% on average ...
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What makes an effective social enterprise accelerator?

by Pamela Roussos The world of social entrepreneurship and impact investing continues to grow and blossom. As a result, social enterprise ...
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The impact of university research is felt beyond its local region

There are so many factors that create successful innovation and ecosystems, which ultimately create economic growth, but it’s not always ...
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Education innovation

Education innovation and the university of the future

Until now, when people talked about education innovation, there was much talk about online learning and how that would democratize ...
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