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Entrepreneurship and innovation vital to improve Arab economies

Arab economies urgently need to diversify and foster entrepreneurial freedom to increase opportunities for young people and prepare the region ...
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US-Nigeria Council backs fund to grow Nigeria tech ecosystem

A Nigeria based early stage VC-firm has launched a new fund in partnership with the US-Nigeria Council to invest in ...
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Japan tops global innovation clusters, Iran ranks high

Recognizing that innovation activities tends to geographically concentrate in specific clusters, this year’s Global Innovation Index ranks the world’s largest ...
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Key findings of the Global Innovation Index 2018

The main messages of the Global Innovation Index 2018 can be summarized in seven key findings. Becoming optimistic about global ...
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Global Innovation Index 2018

Global Innovation Index 2018: China cracks top 20

China broke into the world's top 20 most-innovative economies as Switzerland retained its number-one spot in the Global Innovation Index (GII) ranking ...
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