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5 City Initiatives that Make Smart Living Possible

By Michael Kordvani The stats about smart living are exciting, telling us that 477 million smart home devices will be shipped on ...
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Chengdu formulates new economic development targets for 2022

Chengdu, capital of China's Sichuan province, has set its strategic targets for economic development, aiming to have an output from ...
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Massachusetts leads US states in the new economy index

A study of the 50 US states provides an index to indicate which states are leading in the ‘new economy’, ...
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Africa will have more than 1 billion mobile broadband connections by 2022

Mobile data will be the main driver of growth in the African telecoms market, with the number of mobile broadband ...
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Innovation and startup ecosystem makes Europe more attractive for US and China investment

Increased innovation and an improved startup ecosystem in Europe have been cited as key reasons for the continent’s growing appeal ...
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