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Belgian health cluster BioWin received $25.8m for innovation in 2016

BioWin, a health cluster based in Wallonia, Belgium, has released data saying 2016 was a record year for investment in ...
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Dubrovnik old town

After Egypt , Techne Summit travels to Croatia for 2017

The Techne Summit, a regional entrepreneurship conference known for showcasing innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship to serve the development process beyond ...
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Top US tech hubs based on startup leasing activity include Denver and Indianapolis

by Steffen Kammerer A challenging funding environment is making it harder for tech companies to rev their growth engine, especially inside ...
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DISCOVER: Gramercy District, the USA’s smart city in a box

Welcome to Gramercy District in Loudoun County, Virginia: the USA’s first purpose built-from-the- ground-up smart city. Billed as a prototype smart ...
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DISCOVER: How Toronto gives Silicon Valley a run for the money

Toronto is giving Silicon Valley a run for the money, attracting innovative companies, talent and new investments to North America's ...
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