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The Next Silicon Valley is an advocate for developing regions all over the world. We proudly co-promote and support regional technology-based economic development conferences and industry symposia.

In addition to media partnerships, our website provides strategic information on innovation, technology trends, economic development and foreign investment locations. We provide development opportunities to companies entering and expanding into emerging markets.

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The Next Silicon Valley

Immersive technology in sports likely to drive initial mobile augmented reality market

Immersive technology in sports could be one of the applications that give augmented reality / virtual reality (AR / VR) ...
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Technology summit aims to promote India-EU trade and collaboration

As the 14th annual summit between India and the European Union (EU) took place in New Delhi on 6 October ...
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IoT Asia 2017 keynote

IoT Asia 2017: Asia-Pacific will be a key driver of global IoT innovation

We are increasingly seeing commentaries and reports on how China, India and the Asia-Pacific region will increasingly play a part ...
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IoT Asia 2017: making sense in a connected world

Asia is dominating and will continue to dominate the IoT (internet of things) market globally by 2023. The market is ...
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