Leadership Tech Valley requests project proposals

Leadership Tech Valley requests project proposals

The Leadership Tech Valley (LTV) Class of 2019 is requesting written proposals for projects that will have a substantial positive impact on the Capital Region according to a notice posted on their website.

LTV is an initiative of the Capital Region Chamber, and is described as “a dynamic, interactive program that provides skill development and community immersion experiences that enable participants to grow personally and professionally as they explore issues and opportunities in the Capital Region.”

This year’s class of 38 professionals will provide their time, monetary donations, and expertise to provide a local entity with a one-time mission-driven project to be completed within approximately three months.

Questions pertaining to this RFP can be submitted to ltvclass2019@gmail.com. Responses will be generated as questions are received, and all questions and answers will be posted on the Leadership Tech Valley website as soon as possible.

Download the proposal cover form and application here


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