Online course to address technology-led economic development

Online course to address technology-led economic development

An online course for economic developers taking place during October will look at various aspects of technology-led economic development. It will look at the dynamics of the new global knowledge economy and why what we face for the future is not the same as the recent past.

The course, run by Mo Collins of Entrepreneurial Communities, Carol Krauss Lauffer of Business Cluster Development, and Rober M. Okabe of the RPX Group, will look at the impact of technology and the significant changes in economic dynamics that need to be taken into account in economic development. It also explores what major changes all of this implies for economic developers and for regional economic strategies.

Key topics the course will cover are:

  • Forming strategic alliances and technology clusters
  • Building partnerships with higher education and technology councils
  • Understanding technology transfer and commercialization
  • Reviewing patent, copyright, trademark, and licensing terms
  • Developing incubators, accelerators, and research parks
  • Developing multiple financing mechanisms for technology businesses
  • Debt vs. equity financing options for entrepreneurs and small businesses
  • Rural technology-led economic development strategies

It will look at how incubators/ accelerators can evolve into the place for all things entrepreneurial, and how the development of a regional innovation system supports the growth of technology and entrepreneurship. In particular it will look at the transition for economic developers and universities from focusing just on technology transfer, to the more complex ecosystem it has now become today – with the dependence upon a whole ‘system’ of resources, all working together.

Many of the pieces include connecting research institutions with communities to foster critical entrepreneurial business skills, networking and financing opportunities. There will be discussion of how the pieces work together to create the right environment in which technology companies grow and thrive.

In the ‘idea to marketplace’ session taking place on 10th October 2017, the course will look at technology transfer and commercialization of intellectual property, which can be one of the most difficult things for universities do well.  Some universities have ‘cracked the code’, and others still flounder. What differentiates the successful from the others? Those that have cracked the code, in most instances have created a regional system of resources, working in concert towards a common goal. The session will discuss how various components can create a synergy leading to technology cluster development in which entrepreneurial companies grow and thrive.

On 17 October, the course will cover “Defining local/regional capacities and industry clusters, to create a tech-led market strategy”. Once participants and a process are defined, the next step is to assess local/regional capacities and the assets on which to base a technology led economic development strategy. This session will review basic SWOT analysis, including economic assessment. It will address assessment of education and workforce assets and requirements. It also will describe how to analyze existing industry base and define present and targeted clusters for market strategy.

For more information about the course and to register, click here.

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