Discover: Gramercy District, the USA’s first smart city sandbox

Discover: Gramercy District, the USA’s first smart city sandbox

A consortium of technology, education, real estate development, construction and property management companies are developing what’s claimed to be the USA’s first purpose built ground-up smart city, at Gramercy District in Loudoun County, Virginia.

The development is being built with a focus to promote innovation and accelerate growth of the local economy. Gramercy District is a 2.5 million square-foot, $500 million development located at a premier transit-oriented location. The project is the first smart city in the region and one of the first in the country, comprised of residential, retail, co-working and education oriented space with apartments, a hotel, high-rise offices and a startup accelerator.

The creators of the project, 22 CityLink, say it is a sandbox where ideas and projects can be tested live, city-wide. It addresses sustainability by providing a clean energy, modern construction and green building development project. It adds that with the smart technology built in, the city is designed to learn and adapt to deliver the best user experience possible, and provides a cost effective model that can coexist with existing public and private institutions.

It’s being billed as a prototype smart city in a box, and has the backing of key players in technology, infrastructure and logistics, including Microsoft, Avaya, Gravy Analytics, CIT, and George Washington University. The idea is to have technology capability as an integral part of every aspect of life in the smart city. Making urban living more efficient is an area where Loudoun County thinks it could become a leader.

The smart city platform being implemented in Gramercy delivers state-of-the art technology and a holistic architecture to turn existing or ground-up developments into smart cities. It addresses intelligent solutions for every part of a city – building, education, energy, finance, healthcare and wellness, mobility, operations, retail and safety – to help deliver the experience that citizens expect in today’s age of complete connectivity and smart everything.

For more information on Gramercy District’s smart city project, expected to deliver the first phase by 2019, click here.

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