Global Technology Symposium 2016: inspiring what’s next

Global Technology Symposium 2016: inspiring what’s next

The Next Silicon Valley is pleased to be partner once again with this year’s Global Technology Symposium – an annual private event where top thinkers, investors and industry experts from corners of the globe come together in San Francisco on March 31-April 1.

For more than a decade, GTS has been distinguished as Silicon Valley’s top event for gathering innovation changemakers to explore how to leverage globalization and identify new ideas throughout the world before they become trends.

The two-day agenda includes the ‘Global Innovator Competition’ (see below), where 10 disruptive startups from around the world compete for the annual GIC Award.

The first day features inspirational talks by leaders who openly share their predictions about the future in fields ranging from neuroscience to transportation to economics, and everything in between. The second day features expert panels exploring megatrends such as breakthrough business models, marketing to ‘digital natives’, innovation by incumbents, redefining leadership, and much more.

The audience includes venture capitalists and institutional investors, blue-chip companies, financial services, consulting, law, accounting, trade associations and policymakers, and entrepreneurs.

The global innovator competition

This year, 10 startups will be chosen to participate based on only one criteria — their level of industry disruption, no matter what the industry, no matter what the geography. This competition looks at identifying the startups promising to shake up our lives in the coming years.

GIC startups will receive pre-event coaching by seasoned team members prior to pitching.

Pitch schedule

  • March 30 — Startup Pitch Event, SF — 10 startups, 5 chosen
  • March 31 — @GTC St. Francis Yacht Club — 5 chosen startups, 1 winner chosen
  • April 1 — @GTC St. Francis Yacht Club — 1 winner awarded

Application and Deadlines

  • Application Deadline: March 4, 23:59 PM PST
  • Reply to Application: March 14, 23:59 PM PST

For startups looking to enter the Global Innovator Competition (GIC), an application form can be downloaded from the symposium web page here.

The Next Silicon Valley readers can also obtain a $100 discount on cost of registration for the Global Technology Symposium 2016 – please get in touch with us here to obtain the discount code.

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